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"Princess & Me" Dance Class payments are NON REFUNDABLE. NO CREDIT, MAKE UP CLASS or REFUND is given for missed classes. We do not refund for vacations, sickness, or missed classes.

*When signing up for a month of classes, each class you pay for is only included in the month that you sign up for.

You can not sign up for a month of classes to spread across multiple months.

*We highly recommend creating a Client Account! Once you create a Client Account you will not have to complete a new Student Intake Form each month when enrolling for classes. Once you enroll in one class you will be given the option to create a Client Account.

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*If you are enrolling in multiple individual classes you must follow the enrollment process for each class.

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Whimsy & Wishes “Princess & Me” Dance Classes are packed with interactive fun! In this class your child will be introduced to basic ballet movements and terminology while developing coordination and rhythm. Your child will gain confidence, make life long friendships and will learn how important it is to be active each and every day! This class is the perfect way to prepare your little ones for the classroom environment. 

Introduction to Movement & Basic Ballet 

Ages 3 - 5


We ask that children arrive in dance wear (Leotard, Tutu, Tights), their favorite character costume, or anything comfy & easy to move in! We ask that the dancers wear either socks or ballet slippers.

*We do not accept Drop Ins. Your child must be enrolled and paid for prior to classes. We do not accept payment the day of class.

"Princess & Me" Dance Classes

What to Expect?

Each 30 minute class is split into stretching, Introduction to Basic Ballet Movements, Basic Ballet Terminology and Princess Play.

Princess play will differ each week with fun activities such as Dance Scarves, Dance Ribbons & More!

Classes will be set to fun upbeat music!

Sierra 2 Center: Studio 1

2791 24th Street

Sacramento CA